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Bear Sculptures - Bear Figurines - Bear Statues

Our unique selection of Bear Sculptures, Bear Figurines and Bear Statues presents a broad range artistic styles in a spectrum of prices and materials. Each item in this collection, from the luxurious bronze bear sculptures by artist Mark Hopkins to dazzling and modern bear crystals by Swedish artist Mats Jonasson, pays tribute to the majestic animal from a unique perspective. One of nature's most powerful beasts, the mighty bear has appeared in works of art for hundreds of years. And what better way to capture the essence of such majesty than in 3-dimensional Bear Sculpture! From the grizzly to the black bear and from the polar bear to the panda, our bear sculpture section has a little bit of everything to satisfy any bear enthusiast. Featuring work from renowned wildlife artists like Mark Hopkins, Joe Slockbower, Marc Pierce, and many more, we offer bear sculptures and bear figurines in an array of materials including pewter, silver, porcelain, bronze, crystal, and resin.

Bear Sculpture Bear Mountain
Bear Sculpture with Bluetooth Speaker
Grizzly Bear Crystal
Black Bear Ride-On Plush Animal Statue
Fimo Grizzly Bear Papa
Black Bear with Cub Sculpture
Black Bear on Tree Branch Sculpture
Black Bear Sculpture Mother with Cub
Bear Sculpture One Step at a Time
Bear Sculpture Grizzly Large
Panda Bear Figurine De Rosa Artesania Rinconada
Grizzly Bear Mini Crystal
Grizzly Bear Sculpture De Rosa Artesania Rinconada
Bear Lantern Book Loving
Fimo Grizzly Bear Baby
Bear and Cubs Playtime Garden Sculpture
Bear Tracks Black Bear Sculpture
Black Bear Bronze Sculpture
Polar Bear Walking Mini Crystal
Polar Bear Sitting Mini Crystal
Polar Bears Couple Crystal
Polar Bear Crystal Sculpture
Bear Riding Trike Sculpture
Polar Bear Sculpture Polar Plays
Grizzly Bears Family Crystal
Polar Bear with Fish Sculpture De Rosa Artesania Rinconada
Brown Bear Sculpture Training Day
Fimo Grizzly Bear Mama
Polar Bear Family Crystal
Polar Bear Family Sculpture
Bear Looking Garden Sculpture
Polar Bear Crystal
Polar Bear Baby Crystal
Arctic Polar Bear Sculpture De Rosa Artesania Rinconada
Bear Crystal Art-Glass
Fighting Bears Crystal
Polar Bear Walking Wood Sculpture
Polar Bear Sculpture De Rosa Artesania Rinconada
Panda Bears Limited Edition Crystal
Polar Bear and Cub Sculpture
Bear and Cub Sculpture 2
Bear Table Bell Sculpture
Stand Off Bronze Bear Sculpture
Bear Sculpture Mom and Teacher
Bear Timber Grand Basket Sculpture
Bear Sculpture Uninvited
Spring Cub Grand Sculpture
Grizzly Bear Bronze Sculpture
Bear Sculpture Mountain Matriarch
Bear Sculpture Canoe Trip
Bear Walking Stone Sculpture
Bear Cell Phone Holder with Bluetooth Speaker
Bear Sculpture Situated
Polar Bear Cubs Sculpture
Solitary Hunter Bear Sculpture
Mama Bear Bronze Sculpture
Polar Bear Walking Crystal
Polar Bears Silver Plated Sculpture
Bear and Eagle Who's Fish? Sculpture
Black Bear Clan Sculpture
Grizzly Bear Standing Wood Sculpture
Savage Spirit Bear Sculpture
Bear Sculpture Decisions
Bear Family with Cubs Bronze Sculpture
Bear Cubs Crystal
Play Time Bronze Bear Sculpture
Polar Bear Cub on Mom's Back Sculpture
Mountain Family Black Bear Sculpture
Bear Walking with Fish Stone Sculpture
Catch of the Day Bear with Trout Bronze Sculpture
Bear's Dominion Bronze Sculpture
Polar Bear Sculpture
Bear Lying on Tree Sculpture
Polar Bear Cub Crystal
Mini Polar Bear Cub Crystal
Polar Sea Polar Bear Sculpture
Polar Bear Head Crystal
Fishing Trip Bear Sculpture
Bear Sculpture Famished
Matriarch Polar Bear Family Sculpture
Polar Bear Standing Wood Sculpture
Walking Bear Soapstone Carving Sculpture
Bear Grizzly Life Size Bronze Sculpture
Bear Cookie Jar
Black Bear Walking Wood Sculpture
Polar Bear Sleeping Sculpture
Polar Bear with Cub Crystal
Bear Standing Stone Sculpture
Bear Crouching Sculpture
Bear Sculpture Mothers Pride
Forest Vision Bear Sculpture
Bear and Cub Sculpture
Bear Walking Life Size Bronze Sculpture
Polar Bear Stone Sculpture
Loverboy Bear Sculpture Onyx
Northern Lights Polar Bear Sculpture