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Bird Jewelry

Give your wardrobe wings with our vast collection of stunning Bird Jewelry! You'll be a hit at your next outing dressed to the nines in the nature-inspired pieces from our eclectic selection of bird bracelets, bird necklaces, bird rings, bird pins and brooches, and more. Our Bird Jewelry section includes pieces inspired by the vividly colored cardinal, the majestic eagle, the wise owl, the flashy peacock, the lovable penguin, elegant shorebirds like the heron and egret, and more! The pieces in our bird jewelry collection were inspired by nature's delicate design and come in everything from hand-enameled sterling silver to warm natural brass, gold, and even precious and semi-precious stones.

Anhinga Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace
Soaring Bird Mirror Brass Earrings
Bird and Flower Flori di Bosco Earrings
Violetta Birdhouse Earrings
Primavera Bird Necklace
Bird Nest Necklace
White Freshwater Pearl Bird's Nest Bracelet
Primavera Bird Post Earrings
Primavera Bird Ring
Birds in Boxwood Bronze Chain Necklace
Birds in Boxwood Collar Necklace
Celtic Bird Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace
Birds in Boxwood Dangle Earrings
Birds in Boxwood Pin
Birds in Boxwood Post Earrings
Bird Nest Bracelet
Bluebird Cloisonne Crystal Necklace
Celtic Bird Sterling Silver Earrings
Bluebird Cloisonne Earrings
Bluebird Cloisonne Pin
Bluebird Cloisonne Post Earrings
Blue Heron Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace
Cardinal Cloisonne Earrings
Cardinal Cloisonne Pin
Cardinal Cloisonne Small Necklace
Cradle Mother and Baby Bird Wire Earrings
Cradle Mother & Baby Bird Small Pendant Necklace
Snow Goose Sterling Silver Tribal Pendant Necklace
Deer Woodlands Chunky Necklace
Dove Guided by Faith Soaring Bracelet
Dove Porcelain Necklace
Dove Guided by Faith Soaring Necklace
American Eagle Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet
Blue Heron Sterling Silver Earrings
Eagle Sterling Silver Bracelet
Eagle Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings
Eagle Strength Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet
Eagle Bracelet Council Ground
Sterling Silver Northwestern Eagle Cuff Bracelet
Eagle Round Crystal Box
Sterling Silver Eagle Design Cuff Bracelet
Eagle Raven Lovebirds Heart Pendant Necklace
Sterling Silver Eagle Circle Wire Earrings
Eagle Cloisonne Earrings
Eagle Earrings Sterling Silver Salish
Soaring Eagle Earrings
Eagle Talon Bronze Amulet Pendant Necklace
Eagle Sterling Silver Earrings
Eagle Feather Earrings by Odin Lonning
Eagle Flying Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace
Sterling Silver Eagle Head Pendant Necklace
Double Eagle Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet
Eagle Necklace in Sterling Silver
Eagle Pendant Sterling Silver Necklace
America the Beautiful Eagle Pendant
Eagle Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace
Eagle Cloisonne Pin
Bald Eagle Pin Stately One
Eagle Flight Tribal Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet
Eagle Totem Sterling Silver Earrings
Great Egret Cloisonne Earrings
Great Egret Cloisonne Necklace
It's a Hoot Fall Owls Bracelet
It's a Hoot Fall Owls Necklace
Fimo Owl Necklace
Flamingo Cuff Bracelet Brass
Flying Eagle Sterling Silver Wire Earrings
Sterling Silver Flying Eagle Circle Pendant Necklace
Scolding Raven Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace
Heron Bronze Beaded Necklace
Great Blue Heron Cloisonne Crystal Necklace
Great Blue Heron Cloisonne Earrings
Great Blue Heron Cloisonne Pin
It's a Hoot Owl on Branch Post Earrings
It's a Hoot Owl Ring
Red-Tailed Hawk Bronze Necklace
Hummingbird L'Autunno Necklace
Hummingbird Heart Pendant Necklace
Hummingbird Heart Earrings
Hummingbird Cross Necklace
Ruby Throated Hummingbird Cloisonne Pendant Necklace
Hummingbird & Pink Flower Cloisonne Earrings
Ruby Throated Hummingbird Cloisonne Earrings
Violet Crowned Hummingbird Cloisonne Earrings
Hummingbird with Pink Flower Cloisonne Necklace
Orangina Hummingbird Necklace
Broad Billed Hummingbird Cloisonne Necklace
Violet Crowned Hummingbird Cloisonne Pin
Primavera Hummingbird Earrings
Violet Crowned Hummingbird Post Earrings
Hummingbird L'Autunno Adjustable Pewter Ring
Hummingbird Verdigris Brass Earrings
Hummingbird Verdigris Brass Necklace
Garden Creatures Le Jardin Bracelet
Sterling Silver Mating Eagles Pendant Necklace
Bird Necklace Over the Moon
Night Owl Earrings
Owl Brass Pendant Necklace
Owl Moon Jasper Verdigris Earrings
Owl Sterling Silver Earrings
Owl Pendant Necklace Antiqued Gunmetal
Owl Branch Necklace
Owl on Branch Ring
Owl Brass Cuff Bracelet
Barn Owl Cloisonne Earrings
Owl It's a Hoot Small Earrings
Owl & Flower Woodland Bracelet
Owl Woodlands Jasper Earrings
Owl Jasper Ring
Barn Owl Large Cloisonne Necklace
Owl Pair Woodland Bracelet
Owl Pair Necklace
Owl Pair Ring
Owl Pewter Small Pendant Necklace
Owl Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings
Owl Pewter Pendant Necklace Large
Owl Pewter Wire Earrings
Owl Pewter Pin
Barn Owl Cloisonne Pin
It's a Hoot Two Owls on Branch Necklace
Owl Petroglyph Sterling Silver Earrings
Owl Topaz Woodlands Necklace
Owl Verdigris Brass Square Pendant Necklace
Owl Woodlands Earrings
Peacock Celtic Sterling Silver Earrings
Petroglyph Primitive Bird Sterling Silver Earrings
Peacock Sterling Silver Celtic Pendant Necklace
White Pelican Cloisonne Earrings
Pelican Pin Sterling Silver
White Pelican Cloisonne Pin
Gentoo Penguin Cloisonne Wire Earrings
Sterling Silver Penguin Necklace
Gentoo Penguin Cloisonne Small Necklace
Bronze Penguin Pendant Necklace
Gentoo Penguin Cloisonne Pin
Gentoo Penguin Cloisonne Post Earrings
Long Tail Hummingbird Porcelain Pin
Raven Sterling Silver Earrings
Raven Tribal Round Sterling Silver Earrings
Raven Ellipse Sterling Silver Tribal Earrings
Raven Sun Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet
Raven Sterling Silver Tribal Earrings
Scolding Raven Sterling Silver Earrings
Raven Sterling Silver Tribal Cuff Bracelet
Raven Eagle Turquoise Tribal Earrings
Red Tailed Hawk Cloisonne Pin
Seagull on Feather Pin
Flock of Seagulls Sterling Silver Pin
Hummingbird Silver Pendant Necklace
Loon Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace
Macaw Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace
Penguin and Baby Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace
Owl Strix Small Necklace
Swan Verdigris Cuff Bracelet