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Bird Sculptures, Bird Statues, Bird Figurines

Celebrate the freedom and beauty of the sky's winged inhabitants with an artful piece from our broad selection of bird sculptures, figurines, and carvings. Our bird sculptures are replicas of your favorite feathered friends, celebrating birds of all shapes and sizes- from the majestic eagle to the delicate hummingbird. Featuring artistic interpretations of a number of species both exotic and common, our bird sculptures include renderings of the heron, crane, hawk, parrot, falcon, duck, egret, macaw, owl, seagull, swan, flamingo, penguin, goose, sparrow, ibis, sandpiper, pelican, and more!

Pink Flamingo Garden Sculptures
Bird with Dragonfly Sculpture
Parrots on Base Sculpture
Crane Sculpture Flamboyant Pair
Canada Goose Wall Mount Sculpture Prairie Skies
Eagle on Branch Sculpture
Dudley Canvasback Drake Duck Decoy Sculpture
Eagle in Flight Ltd Edition Silver Plated Sculpture
Silver Goose Sculpture
Flamingo Sculpture Flamboyant Pair
Bird Cell Phone Holder with Bluetooth Speaker
Northern Flicker Woodpecker Sculpture
Owl Mini Color Crystal
Strutting Wild Turkey Sculpture Spring Thunder
Penguin Mama and Baby Sculpture
Turkey Set of 2 Metal Garden Sculptures
Pelican Hang Glider Sculpture
Bird & House Garden Sculpture
Heron Sculpture Grace Small
Birds on Branch Wall Sculpture
Royal Owl Sculpture De Rosa Artesania Rinconada
Hawk Sculpture First Light
Contemporary Owl Sculpture
Eagle Sculpture Columbia - Freedom's Symbol
Eagle Catching Fish 2
Heron Metal Garden Sculptures Set of 2
Duck Mama Sculpture
Chillin Penguin Sculpture
Journey Eagle Sculpture by Kitty Cantrell
Eagle Sculpture Open Sky
Autumn's Return Bronze Bird on Branch Sculpture
Eagle Sculpture Splash Down
Hooded Merganser Decoy Sculpture
Valor Eagle Sculpture
Herons with Red Heads Metal Garden Sculptures Set of 2
Goldeneye Duck Decoy by Collin Clough
Rooster Ceramic Sculpture
Eagle Catching Fish Sculpture
Night Heron Porcelain Sculpture
Pintail Duck Wall Mount Sculpture Prairie Skies
Mallard Wall Mount Sculpture Prairie Skies
Yellow Rooster Metal Garden Sculpture
Turkey Set of 2 Metal Garden Sculptures
Quill Graphite Pencil Small
Autumn's Return Bird with Flowers Bronze Candelabra
Weaver Bottoms Blue Winged Teal Drake Sculpture
Courting Hooded Merganser Duck Decoy Sculpture
Eagle Head Silver Plated Sculpture
White Pelican Figurine De Rosa Artesania Rinconada
Mallard Drake Decoy Sculpture
Tawny Owl Crystal Sculpture
Egret Sculpture Green
Mallard Duck Stone Sculpture
Penguin Crystal Art Glass
Bald Eagle Sculpture De Rosa Artesania Rinconada
Silver Geese Sculpture
Swallow Graphite Pencil
Eagle Sculpture Sky's The Limit
Miniature Swimming Loon Sculpture
Raven Sculptured Graphite Pencil
Bald Eagle Crystal
Flying Eagle Sculpture
Great Horned Owl Porcelain Sculpture
House Finch Figurine
Eagle Owl Limited Edition Crystal
First Snow Bronze Cardinal Sculpture
Wood Pintail Drake Duck Decoy Sculpture
Three's a Crowd Bronze Chickadee Sculpture
Eagle Graphite Sculpture Pencil
Eagle Sculpture Courting Danger
Fimo Owl Mama
Blackbird with Purple Rose Crystal Sculpture
Blackbird with Yellow Orange Roses Crystal Sculpture
Heron Silver Plated Ltd Edition Sculpture
Silver Heron Sculpture
Great Blue Heron Bronze Sculpture
Swan Silver Plated Sculpture Ltd Edition
Miniature Green Winged Teal Duck Sculpture
Eagle Sculpture
Duck and Duckling Sculpture Devotion
Hand Carved Wood Calling Loon
Peacock Crystal Sculpture Purple
Owl Sculpture Wise One
Silver Swan Sculpture
Parrot on Base Sculpture
Peacock Crystal Sculpture Green
Eagle Owl Limited Edition Crystal
Nightflyer Owl Sculpture
Rooster Metal Wall Sculpture
Seagull on Piling Wall Sculpture
Short Layover Chickadee Sculpture
Owl Baby Sculpture
Garden Heron Pair Sculptures
Birds Sculpture Silver Plated
Dove Metal Wall Sculpture
Eagle Flying Single Sculpture
Standing Crane Pair Sculpture
Summertime Bluebird Figurine
Eagle Sculpture Above the Clouds Small
Empire Penguin Porcelain Sculpture
Eagle Sculpture Spirit Flight
Fimo Owl Baby
Mallard Bronze Sculpture
Birds in Circles with Bluetooth Speaker
The Creator's Messenger Eagle Sculpture
Owl Crystal Sculpture
Grey Owl Crystal in Color
Owl Crystal in Color
Puffin Crystal
Mallard Duck Rustic Decoy
Heron on Slate Base
Redhead Duck Sculpture Swan Lake
Swan Pair Crystal
Flying Eagle 2 Sculpture
Swan Lovers Silver Sculpture
Cardinal Pair Sculpture
Miniature Wood Duck Drake Sculpture
Blue Duck Figurine De Rosa Artesania Rinconada
Swan and Baby Crystal Sculpture
White Owl Soapstone Carving Sculpture
Small Pheasant Wood Carving
Eagle Sculpture Achievement
Heron Sculpture Morning's Calm Blue
Eagle Silver Plated Sculpture
Large Pheasant Statue
Eagle Sculpture Above the Clouds
Eagle with Fish Silver Plated Sculpture
Perched Parrot Sculpture
Miniature Pintail Drake Sculpture
Cloud King Eagle Sculpture
Owl Black Crystal
Lone Pelican Wall Sculpture
Weaver Bottoms Mallard Drake Duck Sculpture
Toco Toucan Figurine De Rosa Artesania Rinconada
Eastern Bluebird with Dogwood Sculpture
Blue Owl Figurine De Rosa Artesania Rinconada
Wren Mini Crystal
Owl on Book Figurine De Rosa Artesania Rinconada
Swan Crystal
Colored Parrot Sculpture
Midsummer Bronze Cardinal Sculpture
Pelican on Stump Sculpture
Turtle Doves Crystal
Turkey Sculpture Gobble
Eagle Crystal Sculpture
Penguin Sculpture Heart's Song by Kitty Cantrell
Oldsquaw Decoy Sculpture
Eagle in Flight Crystal
Fimo Penguin Papa
Eagle Sculpture Strength and Honor
Swan Graphite Pencil
Heron Bronze Sculpture
Flycatcher Crystal Bird Sculpture
Chickadee Crystal
Giant Canadian Goose Decoy Sculpture
Garden Heron Pair Sculpture
Weaver Bottoms Wood Duck Decoy Sculpture
Spotted Owl Figurine De Rosa Artesania Rinconada
Crane and Cattails Sculpture
Peacock Sculpture with Glass Bowl
Red-Winged Blackbird Figurine
Silver Pigeon Sculpture
Great Horned Owl on Base Sculpture
Bird on Branch Sculpture
Sparrow Graphite Sculpture Pencil
Emperor Penguin and Chick Sculpture
Gold Swan Lovers Sculpture
Canvasback Dresser Caddy Sculpture
Crane Pair Sculptures
Eagle Sculpture Day Break
Pintail Duck Rustic Decoy
Vigilance Eagle Small Sculpture
Liberty Bronze Eagle Sculpture
Eagle Owl Crystal Sculpture
Fimo Penguin Mama
Into The Wind Bronze Eagle Sculpture
Bull Sprig Pintail Duck Sculpture
Mini Eagle Crystal Clear
White Swan Family Porcelain Sculpture
Ruddy Duck Sculpture
Owl Crystal
Bald Eagle Bronze Sculpture
Snowy Owl Sculpture De Rosa Artesania Rinconada
Owl Sculpture
Avocet Decoy Sculpture
Miniature Black Duck Waterfowl Sculpture
Mountain Song Bluebird Sculpture
Penguin Soapstone Carving Sculpture
Standing Heron Wall Sculpture
Eagle Sculpture Eagle Spirit
Flying Pintail Tabletop Sculpture
Eagle Spreading Wings Sculpture
Hooting Owl Bluetooth Speaker
Fimo Penguin Baby
Great Blue Heron Bronze Sculpture
Bobwhite Quail	Wood Decoy
Vigilance Bronze Eagle Sculpture
Quill Graphite Pencil
Old Squaw Wood Duck Decoy Sculpture
Mini Eagle Crystal
Heron Pair Sculpture
Grey Owl Crystal in Color
Strength and Beauty Eagle Sculpture
Lucky Duckies Garden Pair
Vigilance Eagle Sculpture Large
Symbols of Honor Eagle with Flag Sculpture
Pelican Garden Sculpture
Gadwall Duck in Spring Plumage Sculpture
Springtime Oriole Figurine
Wigeon Drake Decoy Sculpture
Swan Silver Ltd Edition Sculpture
Eagle Bronze Sculpture Taking Flight
Barn Owl Crystal
Eagle with Flag Sculpture Justice Bronze
Hawk Bronze Sculpture
Windwalker Eagle Sculpture Kitty Cantrell
Heron Sculpture Single
Rooster Sculpture De Rosa Artesania Rinconada
Wood Mallard Drake Decoy Sculpture
Mini Swan Crystal
Herons Ltd Edition Silver Plated Sculpture
Fimo Owl Papa
Eagle Sculpture American Spirit
Sea Gull Porcelain Sculpture
Pintail Sculpture Swan Lake
White Parrot Statue
Crane Garden Sculpture Pair
Fisherman Kingfisher Sculpture
Owlets Crystal
Bald Eagle Perched Crystal
Miniature Mallard Sculpture
Eagle Sculpture Courtship
Rooster & Hen Crystal
Hand Carved Wood Loon
Bird and Twig Birdbath Sundial
Mini Owlet Crystal
Rooster Sculpture Looking Up
Ibis Trio in Mangroves
Pheasant Wood Sculpture
Owl Figurine De Rosa Artesania Rinconada
Eagle Open Wing Porcelain Sculpture
Pelican Sculpture Marina Sentinel
Wing Graphite Pencil Small
Landing Mallard Duck Table Top Sculpture
Eagle Crystal with Color
Eagle Bronze Sculpture
White Rooster Sculpture
Justice for All Bronze Eagle with Flag Sculpture
Bald Eagle Sculpture De Rosa Artesania Rinconada
Eagle Bust Stone Sculpture
Eagle Hunting Crystal
Clear Waters Eagle Sculpture
Eagle Sculpture Leading the Way
Heron Sculpture Morning's Calm White
Over the Rainbow Eagle Sculpture Kitty Cantrell
Lovebirds Porcelain Figurine Set
Miniature American Widgeon Drake Duck Sculpture
Bear and Eagle Who's Fish? Sculpture
Eagle Head Sculpture
Eagle Sculpture Free Spirit
Sandhill Crane Flying Wall Sculpture
Fall Indigo Bunting Figurine
Catalana Rooster Figurine De Rosa Artesania Rinconada
Eagle Dancer Native American Sculpture
Rooster Cucuforza Crystal
Canadian Goose Mini Decoy Sculpture
Patriot's Dream Bronze Eagle Sculpture
Owl Bronze Sculpture
Baby Blue Tawny Owl De Rosa Artesania Rinconada
Egret Sculpture Strutting
Preening Green Winged Teal Waterfowl Sculpture
Peacock Sculpture In Living Color
Crane Pair Sculpture
Duck Lantern
Eagles Flying Double Sculpture
American Beauty Eagle Sculpture
Rooster Sculpture Looking Down
High Point Bronze Eagle Sculpture
Blue Goose Decoy Sculpture
Ducks Taking Wing Sculpture
Penguin Cell Phone Holder with Bluetooth Speaker
Penguin Sculpture with Bluetooth Speaker