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Wildlife Bowls and Soup Tureens

From cereal bowls and soup tureens to decorative trinket storage and elegant accent containers, the Wildlife Bowls and Soup Tureens Collection from Wildlife Wonders presents a range of styles and materials. A careful selection of work from the best wildlife artists and decor manufacturers in the world, this section includes everything from pewter nut bowls to elephant gift boxes and acorn sculptural centerpieces. The bowls and tureens in this collection are made from materials ranging from resin and glass to pewter and silver sculptural pieces, and reflect a variety of prestigious brand names like Heritage Pewter, Vagabond House, Intrada Italy, Franz Porcelain, and more.

Antler Bowl
Wood Acorn Nut Bowl
Large Crab Bowl with Stand
Charter Oak Ice Tub / Punch Bowl
Porcelain Acorn/Oak Leaf Bowl
Red Butterfly Pottery Bowl 208AR
Peacock Small Bowl
Squirrel Nut Bowl
Colored Rooster Cachepot
Majolica Yellow Poppy Bowl
Large Alligator Bowl with Stand
Small Alligator Bowl with Stand
Alligator Salad Serving Bowl
Antler Bowl
Antler Centerpiece Bowl Arthur Court Designs
Alligator Dip Bowl
Elephant Serving Bowl
Aspen Leaves Crystal Bowl
Autumn Leaves Amber Crystal Bowl
Luminous Bird & Butterfly Crystal Bowl
Lovebirds Pink Swan Black Crystal Bowl
Bob White Crystal Bowl
Blue Butterfly Cereal Bowl 149AR
Butterfly 12" Bowl
Butterfly Acrylic Bowl with Stand
Butterfly Porcelain Coupe Bowl
Butterfly Bowl with Acrylic Stand
Butterfly Porcelain Large Coupe Bowl
Calla Lily Crystal Bowl
Calla Lily Bowl
Happy Reunion Calla Lily Porcelain Salad Bowl
Coastal Clam Bowl
Glass Crab Dip Bowl
Crab & Clam Sea Life Soup Tureen
Pewter Duck Sauce Bowl
Grape Serving Bowl
Grape 16" Acrylic Serving Bowl w/Stand
Elephant Salad Bowl Set
Elephant Bowl with Stand
Elephant Serving Bowl
Elk Aluminum Antler Bowl
Elk Aluminum Antler Large Bowl with Stand
Equestrian Horse Bowl
Nouveau Flower Design Crystal Bowl
Freesia & Butterfly Porcelain Bowl
Goldfish Ornamental Bowl
Gorilla Scene Luminous Crystal Bowl
Hibiscus Pedestal Crystal Bowl
Mountain Horses Small Crystal Bowl
Horse Large Serving Bowl
Hummingbird & Dogwood Round Crystal Bowl
Koi with Bamboo Luminous Crystal Bowl
Koi Fish & Lotus Bowl
Tropical Leaf Fruit Bowl U32
Longhorn Bowl
Magnolia Punch Bowl
Safari Monkey Nut Bowl
Safari Monkey Banana Holder with Bowl
Octopus Salad Bowl
Octopus Punch Bowl Ice Tub Pewter
Octopus Scene Luminous Crystal Bowl
Octopus Butter Server Set
Octopus Stoneware Tureen
Palm Tree Small Bowl Set of Four
Luminescence Peacock Decorative Bowl
Pineapple Small Bowl Set of Four
Pewter Pheasant Sauce Bowl
Philodendron Leaf Silver Plated Fruit Bowl
Pumpkin Tureen
Quail Soup Tureen
Red Flower Serving Bowl 150AR
Red Flower Pottery Bowl
Small Rooster Tureen
Seabreeze Bowl Set of Four
Sea Turtle Crystal Bowl
Stag Pottery Cereal Bowl 992A
Western Stallions Horse Crystal Serving Bowl
Southern Splendor Swan Soup Bowl
Zebra Crystal Bowl