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Deer Sculptures - Deer Figurines - Deer Statues

For a wide variety of finely-crafted deer sculptures, statues, and figurines inspired by nature's beauty, browse our expansive Deer Sculptures selection. Featuring a variety of woodland and nature-inspired art, this collection includes majestic fighting bucks alongside gentle does and even includes adorable baby fawns. From traditional-style busts to lifelike replicas, the Deer Sculptures section includes something for every style of home decor and every budget. Celebrate the diversity of nature with one of our unique deer sculptures, available in every material from resin to stone to wood to bronze. See more Deer Gift and Home Decor.

Whitetail Deer Bronze Sculpture Chasin' the Wind
Deer Sculpture One Chance
Deer Fawn Crystal
Deer Sculpture Bound For Cover
Deer Sculpture Last Glance by Dick Idol
Endearing Moment Deer Sculpture
Deer Sculpture in Porcelain
Downwind Bronze Deer Sculpture
Deer Pair Grazing Sculpture
Deer Sculpture Majestic Spirit
Antler Sculptured Graphite Pencil
Eye Level Deer Wall Sculpture
Deer Sculpture Battle Lines
Suspense Bisque Deer Sculpture
Deer Bronze Sculpture Hill Country Reign
Mule Deer Bronze Sculpture Skyline Ridge
Whitetail Doe Bronze Sculpture
Deer Bronze Sculpture Jubilee
Muley Deer Sculpture
Deer and Rabbit Sculpture
Elusive Bronze Deer Sculpture
Deer Sculpture Camp Creek Buck
Whitetail Deer Bronze Sculpture Noble Pursuit
Deer Buck Wall Art
Deer Wall Sculpture Daybreak
Deer Sculpture Timber Ghost
Whitetail Deer Wood Sculpture
Deer Bronze Sculpture Mark Hopkins
Jubilee Deer Sculpture Maquette
Bronze Finish Whitetail Deer Sculpture
Winter Crossing Deer Wall Sculpture
King Of The Mountain Deer Wall Sculpture
Tailgatin' Deer Sculpture
Deer Fawn Sitting Crystal
Silver Plated Deer Sculpture