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Fish Sculptures, Figurines and Statues

Both playfully brilliant and stunningly lifelike, our extensive collection of Fish Sculptures, Statues and Figurines brings the diverse beauty of the oceans depths to your home or office decor. With a variety of designs by renowned wildlife artists, our collection features everything from Marlin and Sailfish sculptures to Bass and Trout sculptures and many more. Select the perfect gift for the angler, woodsman, beach-lover, or sea life enthusiast.

Marlin Metal Wall Sculpture
Marlin Sculpture Excited Blue
Marlin and Sailfish Imperial Slam Sculpture
Trout Artglass
Marlin & Sailfish Sculpture Seaside
Marlin Brass and Marble Sculpture
Largemouth Bass Sculpture
Silver Shark Sculpture Small
Setting the Hook Female Fishing Bronze Sculpture
Coral Fish Crystal
Clownfish Figurine By The Sea
Blue Marlin Crystal
Angel Fish Sculpture
Downstream Drift Fisherman in Stream Bronze Sculpture
Sailfish Going After Ballyhoo Sculpture
Largemouth Bass and Sunfish Sculpture
Marlin and Sailfish Sculpture Chance Encounter
Grand Slam Marlin & Sailfish Sculpture
Shark Pair Silver Plated Sculpture
Little Bully Single Mahi Sculpture
Upstream Fisherman in Canoe Bronze Sculpture
Ballyhoo For Sail - Sailfish Sculpture
Shark with Prey Sculpture
Sailfish Metal Wall Sculpture
Magnificent Marlin Sculpture
Bass Bronze Sculpture
Setting the Hook Fisherman Bronze Sculpture
Trout River Duo Sculpture
Shark Single Sculpture
Shark Encounter Bronze Sculpture
Keys Double Marlin and Sailfish Sculpture
Salmon Graphite Pencil
Deepwater Fighter Redfish Sculpture
Banded Butterfly Fish Pair Sculpture
Blue and Yellow Fish Sculpture
Shark Sculpture Phantom
Silver Shark Sculpture
Fisherman Sculpture The Strike
Salmon Crystal
Sailfish Sculpture Ocean Lightning
Sailfish & Marlin Two Bills Sculpture
Marlin & Sailfish Sculpture Islamorada Two Step
Marlin Hunting Brass and Marble Sculpture
That's A Keeper Grandfather and Grandson Fishing Bronze Sculpture
Sailfish Sculpture Underwater Duel
Reef Paradise Scene Sculpture
Clownfish Pair with Anemone Sculpture
Mahi Mahi Bull Sculpture
Shark Phantom Reef Bronze Sculpture
Swimming Fish Stone Sculpture
Large Red "Scorfano" Fish Sculpture
Sailfish Feeding Frenzy Sculpture
Deep Pockets Fisherman Bronze Sculpture
The Moment Fisherman Bronze Sculpture
Celestial Fish Figurine
Largemouth Bass Fish Sculpture
Two Sharks Silver Plated Sculpture
Mahi Mahi Dorado Tango Duo Sculpture
Marlin Crystal Sculpture
Fishing Hole Bronze Child Fishing Sculpture
Sailfish Tail Walker Sculpture
Gotcha Bronze Fisherman Sculpture
Single Fish Sculpture
Pair of Sharks Silver Plated Sculpture
Trout Bronze Sculpture
Museum Sailfish Brass and Marble Sculpture
Orange Clown Fish Sculpture
Fast and Shallow Fisherman Bronze Sculpture
Lion Fish Copper Sculpture
Trout Sculpture Rainbow Falls
Muskie Fish Sculpture