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Frog Jewelry

Our whimsical yet stunning Frog Jewelry collection will dazzle your friends and family. Celebrate your love of nature with elegant pieces like our Tree Frog on Leaf necklace or our brass frogs on lily pads verdigree cuff. Blending natural design with modern technique, our Frog Jewelry includes the work of renowned jewelry designers and wildlife artists like Elaine Coyne, Cavin Richie, and more! Browse our entire collection of frog earrings, necklaces and more. In addition to our Frog Jewelry, view our Complete Frog Gift Collection.

Frog on Flower Ring Stand
Tree Frog Wire Earrings
Frog on Leaf Ring Stand
Frog Prince Earrings on Eurowire
Frog Tribal Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet
Frogs Sterling Silver Tribal Cuff Bracelet
Frog Prince Pendant Necklace
Tree Frog Bronze Pendant Necklace
Frog & Lily Pad Verdigris Pin
Frog Prince Post Earrings
Frog Prince Sterling Silver Earrings
Frog & Lily Pad Verdigris Brass Post Earrings
Green Frog Cloisonne Earrings
Frog Tribal Sterling Silver Bracelet
Rain Forest Frog Porcelain Necklace
Fimo Tree Frog Necklace
Tree Frog Swinging Wire Earrings
Red Eyed Tree Frog Cloisonne Earrings
Frog Prince with Flowers Bracelet
Frog Prince Flower Ring
Flying Frog Pendant Sterling Silver
Red Eyed Tree Frog Cloisonne Necklace
Frog & Leaf Sterling Silver Tube Bracelet
Dancing Frog Sterling Silver Pin
Green Frog Cloisonne Necklace
Frog on Lily Pad Pin
Frog Verdigris Brass Cuff Bracelet
Sterling Silver Frog on Branch Pendant Necklace
Frogs on Lily Pads Verdigris Brass Cuff Bracelet
Frog Verdigris Brass Pendant Necklace
Large Frog on Lily Pad Verdigris Brass Cuff Bracelet
Frog on Lily Pad Sterling Silver Pin
Red Eyed Tree Frog Cloisonne Pin
Double Frog Sterling Silver Bracelet
Green Frog Cloisonne Pin
Frog Dangle Sterling Silver Earrings
Frog Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace
Green Frog Cloisonne Post Earrings
Three Frogs Sterling Silver Neckcollar