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Mill Creek Studios Sculptures

Mill Creek Studios Sculptures

Mill Creek Studios produces exceptional wildlife sculptures, inspired by the beauty and vitality of nature with an American wildlife and western theme. All available Mill Creek Studios Sculptures are on this page.

View Mill Creek Studios Sculptures by species, sculptures or artists below.

Deer Elk Moose and Ram Sculptures
Eagle Sculptures
Wolf Sculptures
Bear Sculptures
Horse Sculptures
Deer Sculpture Bound For Cover
Deer Bronze Sculpture Jubilee
Endearing Moment Deer Sculpture
Praise Ruby Elk Sculpture
Jubilee Deer Sculpture Maquette
Deer Mirror Fall Fever
Winter Crossing Deer Wall Sculpture
Rocky Mountain Elk Sculpture
Eye Level Deer Wall Sculpture
Vestige Elk Wall Sculpture
Trail Boss Elk Sculpture
Deer Wall Sculpture Daybreak
Elk Sculpture Territory
Suspense Bisque Deer Sculpture
Muley Deer Sculpture
Eagle Sculpture Splash Down
Eagle Sculpture Sovereign
Free Reign Eagle Sculpture
Eagle Sculpture Aerie
Wolf Sculpture Head of the Pack
Timber Wolf Sculpture
Wolf Sculpture Scout
Wolf Sculpture Bashful
Bear Bronze Sculpture One Step At A Time
Bear Sculpture Grounded
Loverboy Bear Sculpture Onyx
Pintail Duck Rustic Decoy
Woodpecker Wall Sculpture Woody
Wood Duck Rustic Decoy
Grizzly Bear Timberline Sculpture
Black Bear Deep Woods Sculpture
Bear Sculpture Situated
Bear Sculpture Slow Blink
Bear Sculpture Mosey
Big Bear Wall Sculpture
Owl Sculpture Give A Hoot
Bear Tracks Black Bear Sculpture
Northern Lights Polar Bear Sculpture
Ram Sculpture Foothold
Mallard Duck Rustic Decoy
Center Stage Horse Sculpture
Horse Wall Sculpture Drinkers of the Wind
Horse Sculpture Dapper
Pride Rock Lion Sculpture
White Out White Tiger Sculpture
Savannah Lion Sculpture
Ruby Rey Lion Sculpture
Sapphire Rey Lion Sculpture
Cougar Canyon Watch Sculpture
Cougar Sculpture Spellbound
Turkey Sculpture Gobble
Fortitude Medium Ram Sculpture
Fortitude Ram Sculpture
Buffalo Sculpture Rugged
Paramount Buffalo Wall Panel Sculpture
Buffalo Sculpture Idle
Forefather Elephant Wall Sculpture
Veneration Native American Sculpture
Fireman Sculpture Call of Duty
When The Going Gets Tough Large Cowboy Sculpture
Call of Duty Fireman Sculpture Suffused
Buffalo Sculpture Like a Rock
Swan  Imago Sculpture Serene Spirit
Tulip Imago Sculpture April Shower
Tulip Imago Sculpture First Blossom
Stephen Herrero
Joe Slockbower
Danny Edwards
Randall Reading
Arich Harrison


Mill Creek Studios' evocative pieces add rugged flair and organic energy to any office or home space while marking the owner as a nature lover of exceptional tastes. By casting these gorgeous sculptures in a fine mix of porcelain and alabaster powders with resin, according to painstaking time-honored methods, Mill Creek sculptures offer high-quality artwork at prices to fit any budget.

The gifted artists of Mill Creek Studios have been creating and producing fine, affordable, collectible art for well more than 20 years. Joe Slockbower, Stephen Herrero, Randall Reading, David Morales, Arich Harrison, Greg Peltzer and others have invested their lives, reputations and creative inspiration in capturing the beauty and vitality of nature in gorgeous tabletop and wall sculptures that breathe with life and organic detail.

Each Mill Creek Studios sculpture begins its life as an artist's sketch, the sculpture of which is then used to create an original mold. The first casting of the mold is then hand-painted in incredible detail which must meet the sculptor's approval before moving into either open- or limited-edition production. All Mill Creek Studios sculptures are cast in a proprietary mix of alabaster, porcelain and resin to produce beautiful pieces that are affordable without sacrificing quality of substance.