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Franz Collection Serenity Poppy Large Porcelain Vase

Serenity Poppy Flower Large Vase
Item # FZ02425
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Dimensions: 9-7/8" L x 9" W x 18-7/8" H
This unique and finely textured Franz Collection large Serenity Poppy Porcelain Vase brings breathtaking artistry and nature-inspired flair to any space, from the bedroom to the dining room table or sideboard. Crafted of the finest Chinese clays by the artisans of Franz Porcelain, this immaculately designed celebration of nature's beauty and harmony will draw the eye and inspire compliments from generations of admirers, making it a true heirloom quality piece. Gorgeous red flowers emerge from the cool blues in a symbol of life bursting free of all boundaries. Showcase your own passion for the loveliness of the Earth's own artistry.

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