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Survivor Tree 9/11 Callery Pear Spray Necklace

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Dimensions: 17" adjustable

This Survivor Tree Callery Pear Spray Necklace, created by Michael Michaud, commemorates the tragedy of 9/11 and symbolizes our country's resilience. Originally planted at the World Trade Center complex in the 1970's, the Survivor Tree was discovered in the rubble weeks after 9/11 with snapped roots and a blackened trunk. It was nursed back to health by the Arthur Ross Nursery in the Bronx and was replanted at the site on 12/22/10. Today it stands 35 feet tall.
  • Handcrafted by talented artists in the USA and compliments all the pieces of this collection
  • Features two freshwater pearls
  • Created in hand patinaed bronze with matte silver plate and enamel highlights


Michael Michaud Jewelry by Silver Seasons is the master work of this Cleveland born artist and jewelry designer. From exotic flowers like the Cymbidium Orchid and the cheerful Sunflower to everyday herbs and common garden plants like Gingko and Orange Blossom, Michaud's collections feature stunning, lifelike replicas of the plants and small creatures that surround us. Michael Michaud began his career by studying at the prestigious Rochester Institute of Technology's school for American craftsmen, and graduated in 1980. Over the years, Michael has developed his unique and highly recognizable Michael Michaud Jewelry line, finding inspiration in the beauty and simplicity of nature. He begins each piece by creating a model from natural elements and then transforms these models into the beautiful jewelry collections we know and love today. Each exquisitely detailed piece is crafted in the USA, using high quality bronze, sterling silver or gold, and various natural stones and pearls. Whether you are adorning the bride's maids in your wedding with matching pieces from the lovely Irish Thorn Collection, surprising a special mom with an endearing Pea Pod Necklace, commemorating the events of 911 with jewelry from the Survivor Tree Callery Pear Collection, or honoring a special someone who simply loves blueberries with Michael Michaud's delicate Blueberry Pin, you can be sure your are giving a gift that will be treasured for a lifetime. Michael Michaud Jewelry pieces, created and produced in the USA, are as varied and intricate as the natural forms that influence the artist, and his visionary collections are admired and enjoyed in every corner of the world. Offering remarkable and unique necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and pins that could only come from the artistic perspective and creative mind of Michael Michaud, each piece of Michael Michaud Jewelry is cast in bronze using the artisan's special lost wax technique. Michael currently resides in Fairfield, CT, and has turned his love of nature and his exceptional jewelry making talent into a family business involving his wife and three children. Find your favorite collection and bask in the beauty of nature that is captured for your enjoyment in each piece of Michael Michaud Jewelry.


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